What To Do If Your Bracket Breaks

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Handling Broken a Braces Bracket

If you are one of the millions of people wearing braces to straighten your smile, chances are you may have faced some challenges adjusting to your new mouth. Whether you are getting used to the feeling of your teeth tightening together or trying to avoid certain foods because they could damage your brackets, you need to exercise caution if you want your braces to work. But accidents still happen, and sometimes a bracket may come loose.

Do not panic! It is completely normal, and the team at LVL Orthodontics is prepared to help you out!

Check for Damages

Look in the mirror to see just how bad the damage is. Did the bracket (or brackets) fall completely off? Secure any loose brackets in a small container. If your bracket is still connected to the wire, you may be able to temporarily stabilize it by applying orthodontic wax.

Prevent Irritation

In some cases, a broken bracket can cause the wire to bend or become exposed to your gums or cheeks. If this happens, you can trim the wire using a small wire cutter or a pair of nail clippers. Cut the wire as near to the bracket as you can to prevent potential cuts from happening.

Schedule an Appointment

After taking control of the situation, schedule an appointment at LVL Orthodontics as soon as possible! Only an orthodontist can reapply your bracket back onto your teeth. It is essential to get this fixed as quickly as you can! If you wait, your teeth may shift back into their original positions, leading to you spending more time wearing braces.

Bringing Your Smile & Confidence Back

Since 2019, our team at LVL Orthodontics has been committed to providing our patients with high-quality orthodontic care. Using our combined decades of experience, we can formulate a plan that fits your specific needs and goals in order to provide you with the outcomes you deserve. Schedule an appointment with your Dallas orthodontist today!

For more information about the orthodontic treatments we offer, contact us online or by calling (469) 455-1355 today.

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